Origami Solar Gen 2 Steel Solar Module Frame is Here!

Origami Solar Gen 2 Steel Solar Module FrameThe Origami Solar Gen 2 steel module frame is available with production samples ready for evaluation and certification testing.

  • Domestic content counts towards bonus ITC
  • Significant reduction (90%) in GHG
  • Stronger than aluminum frames
  • Lower cost


The Origami Solar steel module frame delivers superior strength, dramatically lowers GHG, and contributes to domestic content requirements in the IRA.

Innovation has driven cost savings across the entire solar ecosystem, except the module frame. Aluminum module frames have not evolved or improved over the last 20 years and now represent a much needed opportunity for cost reduction and innovation to support the rapidly evolving industry supply chain.

Origami Solar has eliminated the solar industry’s reliance on aluminum frames, unlocking dramatic reductions in environmental impact (GHG), cost savings, and opening up the opportunity for domestic production on a global basis.

Origami Solar steel module frame production image
Origami Solar steel module frame production image
Origami Solar steel module frame image

Rebuild Domestic Supply Chains

The Origami steel frame enables module manufacturers to deliver a stronger and lower-carbon module using clean, US-made steel with local fabrication that protects against supply chain disruptions.

Reduced GHG Impacts

Read the Environmental Impact Report

Boundless Impact Research and Analytics evaluated the environmental impact of aluminum module frames versus our recycled steel frames.

The results are striking.
An easy switch to steel frames delivers a 90% reduction in GHG content, a significant contribution to reducing embodied carbon across the solar supply chain, in support of Ultra Low-Carbon Solar and EPEAT module certification.

Our solar industry can and must deliver a cleaner renewable energy!

Cost Reduction

The Origami solution uses roll-formed recycled steel to significantly save on raw material and manufacturing cost.

Report: Testing Results

Origami Solar testing results imageIndependent Testing Results

Independent testing compared a 35mm tall Origami steel frame against a 40mm aluminum frame under identical conditions and using identical PV laminates. In all tests our steel frame met or exceeded UL/IEC requirements and delivered superior results over aluminum frames.

Are you ready to make the switch to steel module frames?