April 2022 | Steel Solar Module Frames Needed Now, More than Ever

Apr 26, 2022

Significant Progress on Steel Solar Module Frames

Origami Solar’s patent-pending steel module frame lowers cost while dramatically reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts from the production of aluminum frames. We are excited to share the significant progress we have demonstrated the last three months. We received our pre-production run of steel frames and have assembled those into modules. We are a month into comprehensive testing (UL/IEC requirements) of these steel framed modules against the exact same modules with aluminum frames. The results have been outstanding and are validating our design FEA’s. We look forward to sharing more results very soon. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. In the meantime, watch our recently submitted American-Made Solar Prize Video here.

Breaking international solar supply chain dependence image

Energy Security Starts with Renewable Energy Independence

Energy security and supply disruption are key points in the conversation around the power autocratic regimes have in the world today. If energy security is the goal, as it ought to be, then reducing fossil fuel consumption is only half the equation. Rebuilding our domestic solar supply chain to meet our rapidly growing needs is the other. Once the US can meet demand with renewable energy products from domestic factories, the energy transition and the fight against climate change will once again be in our control, where it must be. Our energy security demands that we make the policy decisions and investments to secure our renewable energy independence.

Origami Solar steel module frame weight testing image

Steel Module Frame Testing Going Great

Origami Solar has spent much of Q1 2022 testing our new steel solar module frame. We are pleased at how well the testing has gone. Testing so far has shown positive results (beating aluminum on deflection from upward and downward loads) and we are looking forward to sharing the full certified Test Report very soon. In the meantime, watch this video from Samuel Truthseeker of TECSI Solar as he discusses the Origami Solar steel module frame they have been testing.

Comparing Environmental Impacts of Aluminum vs Steel Module Frames

Boundless logoThere is plenty of third-party data supporting our claim that switching to steel module frames will reduce the GHG impact from aluminum manufacturing in China. Origami Solar has engaged with Boundless to conduct a certified Environmental Impact Assessment and write a Climate Impact Report. We look forward to the report’s completion in the next few weeks and will be sharing the results with the solar industry.