Environmental Impact Report from Boundless Impact

March 2024

Boundless has developed extensive data on Origami Solar’s carbon footprint and provided a direct comparison with aluminum frames manufactured in China. Solar module manufacturers interested in achieving EPEAT certification can reduce the calculated carbon footprint of their module by replacing the more carbon-intensive aluminum frame with Origami Solar’s recycled steel frame. Further, Origami Solar’s deep understanding of the carbon footprint of its recycled steel frame can support module manufacturers with the required LCA data for utilizing the EPEAT Path B method to capture these benefits for the purposes of securing the EPEAT ecolabel.

The current aluminum frames utilized by the solar industry emit 87 kg of unnecessary GHG emissions per frame and contribute 173,500 tonnes of CO2(e) per GW of solar. A simple switch to recycled steel would reduce that environmental impact over 90%.

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GHG emissions per MW chart. 90%+ GHG reduction per MW with recycled steel module frames.