May 2024 | New Brief: Energy Security and the Solar Supply Chain

May 24, 2024

New Brief:
Energy Security and the Solar Supply Chain: The Urgent Case for Onshoring

There’s no reason to wait when it comes to securing and decarbonizing the large supply of module frames the growing U.S. module manufacturing sector needs to meet America’s robust demand for solar. Instead of reliance on a geopolitically risky supply of inferior and carbon-intensive aluminum frames from China, U.S. module producers can quickly transition to better performing and more sustainable steel frames made by American workers.

Upcoming Webinars

Can recycled steel module frames de-risk the US solar supply chain? webinar image

Can recycled steel module frames de-risk the US solar supply chain?

With Stephen Lacey, Executive Editor of Latitude Media, MJ Shiao, VP Supply Chains & Manufacturing at American Clean Power Association, and Gregg Patterson, CEO of Origami Solar.

May 30, 2024, 1:00pm ET

Who should attend:

  • Solar manufacturers
  • Installers, developers, and EPCs
  • Banks and financiers
  • Policymakers
  • Analysts and researchers
  • Corporate energy buyers
  • Utilities
WoodMac webinar image

How Can More Rigorous Testing and Stronger Frames Help Solve the Solar Industry’s Growing Module Breakage Problem

Lauren Ahsler of Origami Solar, Henry Hieslmair of DNV, and Colin Sillerud of CFV Labs will discuss documented reductions in PV module mechanical strength over time, and how changes at the module or system level, such as using stronger domestically manufactured steel module frames can help address this shortcoming.

Attendees will leave the webinar understanding industry trends, failure data and examples of project impact related to weaker modules as well as what solutions they can implement to mitigate future project risk.

Lauren Busby Ahsler imageLauren Busby Ahsler 
VP of Engineering
Origami Solar



Henry Hieslmair imageHenry Hieslmair
Principal Solar Engineer



Colin Sillerud imageColin Sillerud
VP of Engineering, Head of Reliability Group
CFV Labs


Upcoming Events

PV ModuleTech conference logo

PV ModuleTech USA

May 21-22, 2024
Napa, CA

Be sure to attend Origami’s Founder, Eric Hafter’s panel on “New Module Factory Build-out in the U.S.” Eric believes that not only is it possible to onshore solar manufacturing, it’s already happening. With Finlay Colville from PV Tech, Franz Feuerherdt, Paul Wormser, and Fulvio Carlo Toma, Eric will show how America can support its own solar industry.

Register here >>
And reach out if you’d like to meet Eric at the conference.

CEBA Connect summit logo

CEBA Connect: Spring Summit

May 22-24, 2024
Denver, CO

We are looking forward to engaging with fellow CEBA Members. Join our May 22 Conversation Session hosted by Origami’s Chief Strategy Officer Erick Petersen: Bankability meets Module Durability. 3:45pm – 5:15pm.

Wood Mackenzie logo

Solar & Energy Storage Summit

June 12-13, 2024
San Francisco, CA

Keynote Panel:
Overcoming Global and Domestic Supply Chain Constraints
June 12th, 9:30 am
Featuring Origami’s Founder, Eric Hafter, Kevin Jacobs and Kelsey Coffman of Wood Mackenzie, Martin Pochtaruk, President of Helience, and Nick De Vries, CTO of Silicon Ranch.

Intersolar EU logo

Intersolar Europe

June 19-21, 2024
Munich, Germany

Join us at our partner booths to discuss the transition to Origami steel frames in Europe.

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ArcelorMittal – A6-534

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Welser Profile – A6-409