October 2023 | Origami Solar Appoints Michael Gray as Chief Operating Officer

Oct 13, 2023

Origami Solar announced the appointment of energy industry veteran, Michael Gray, to the new position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). With over 40 years of experience, Gray will lead and build out Origami’s secure and transparent steel supply chain program to support the company’s rapidly growing momentum.

With the industry’s transition from aluminum to steel well underway, Gray’s appointment will help Origami further strengthen the domestic solar ecosystem through reduced material and manufacturing costs and secure, sustainable domestic production. He brings expertise from numerous high-level management positions overseeing global steel supply chains serving the energy sector to Origami Solar’s work to decarbonize the solar supply chain.

Rolled steel production line image. Photo courtesy of US Steel.

Photo courtesy of US Steel

Blog Post

Why Domestic Steel is Ideal for U.S. Solar Module Manufacturing

By Michael Gray, Origami COO

Because primary aluminum production is virtually nonexistent in the US, raw aluminum material generally travels a long way before it reaches the US. As we ramp up domestic solar module production, it’s time to reconsider the best material for module frames.

Aluminum has had a lock on the market for module frames. Until recently this might have seemed like business as usual, but the impacts have become highly disruptive. Aluminum in the supply chain increases your greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint while driving up your inventory costs and exposure to supply shortages.

Steel production in the US is abundant and geographically distributed. As a result, it takes literally one day for Origami Solar module frames produced with US-made steel to reach any current or future module manufacturing plant in the US.

The energy transition is driving a transition in materials away from raw aluminum, a symbol of the past generation’s solar manufacturing monopoly, and towards a burgeoning partnership between solar and steel. Due to the strength of the steel industry in the US, and nearly every other continent or economy where there is focus on domestic solar manufacturing, such as the European Union and India, the transition is shaping up to be a smooth one for solar module manufacturers and module buyers.

Upcoming Events

Did we miss you at RE+ or PV CellTech? Have questions about how Origami Solar module frames can seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing processes? We will be at the following upcoming events.

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October 24-26, 2023
San Jose, CA

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The Origami Solar team will be attending VERGE 23 as a member of CEBA. Origami Solar is looking forward to connecting with fellow CEBA members, as well as solar buyers and asset owners to discuss the advantages of steel module frames.

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PV ModuleTech

November 28-29, 2023
Barcelona, Spain

Origami Solar is a proud sponsor of this event. Please reach out to set up a meeting.