September 2022 | Origami Solar’s Steel PV Module Frame Outperforms Aluminum, New Report Confirms

Sep 12, 2022

Origami Solar’s Steel PV Module Frame Outperforms Aluminum, New Report Confirms

Independent testing by TECSI Solar, a world-class testing and engineering firm, has confirmed the superior strength of Origami Solar steel module frame protects the solar active components better than conventional aluminum frames. The testing compared a 35mm tall Origami steel frame against a 40mm aluminum frame under identical conditions and using identical PV laminates. In all tests our steel frame met or exceeded UL/IEC requirements and delivered superior results over aluminum frames.

Read the results and download a summary of the report on our website.

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Our Energy Transition Starts with Renewable Energy Independence

We can’t have an energy transition in this country or the world without first solving for our energy security! If energy security is the goal, as it ought to be, then reducing fossil fuel consumption is only half the equation. Rebuilding our domestic solar supply chain to meet our rapidly growing needs is the other. Once the US can meet demand with renewable energy products from domestic factories, the energy transition and the fight against climate change will once again be in our control, where it must be. It is remarkable to see the wave of investments in domestic manufacturing the Inflation Reduction Act has triggered here. We are ready to support these factories with our proven steel module frames.


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Origami Solar is Headed to RE+

The Origami Solar team will be exhibiting and presenting at RE+, September 19 – 22, 2022. Reach out early on to set up a meeting and be sure to stop by our booth #3992 to see the steel module frame in person.

Origami Solar will also be presenting a poster, Steel Solar Module Frames Significantly Outperform Aluminum Module Frames with a Lower GHG Footprint and Increased Strength. The poster reception will take place on Tuesday, September 20th from 4:30 – 5:30pm in the ACC Arena Foyer / Hall A.

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American-Made Solar Prize

Origami Solar is participating in the final round of the American-Made Solar Prize. The winner will be announced at RE+! Here is a link to our final video submission. Please come cheer on Origami Solar. We appreciate your support.

American-Made Solar Prize Pitch Showcase
Tuesday, September 20
2:00 – 3:30pm
Grid Edge Theater, Booth #3438

American-Made Solar Prize Winner Announcement
Tuesday, September 20
5:00 – 6:00pm
Grid Edge Theater, Booth #3438

Origami Solar In the News

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Podcast: Energy Cast, Episode 143 with Gregg Patterson

Gregg Patterson, CEO, recently joined Jay Dauenhauer on the Energy Cast podcast to discuss the global solar supply chain and Origami Solar steel PV module frames, which can be produced domestically.

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Solar Power World: Steel is being considered as an alternative to aluminum solar panel frames

Journalist, Kelly Pickerel, explores the upcoming use of steel for PV module frames in this recent article at Solar Power World.

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Solar Builder: Origami Solar Steel PV Module Frame outperforms aluminum, reports TECSI Solar

Intrigued by Origami Solar steel PV module frames, journalist Chris Crowell digs into the recently released report by TECSI Solar.

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