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Priefert US headquarters in Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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Founded in 1964, Priefert is one of the largest livestock equipment manufacturers in the world as well as one of the largest steel fabricators to the US solar industry. Family owned and operated, Priefert is headquartered in Mt Pleasant Texas with additional locations in Fort Worth, Texas and Benton, Arkansas. Priefert brings 60 years of steel manufacturing expertise to their investment in Origami steel frame manufacturing, a natural expansion of their commitment to the solar industry. Starting in early 2025, Priefert will manufacture Origami Steel frames from its Benton factory and is prepared to expand lines and locations to support future growth of Origami Steel frames.

Priefert has long prided itself for creating the high-end steel-based equipment American businesses need and for providing good-paying jobs for American workers. Fabricating Origami’s steel solar frames helps us keep doing both. Indeed, thanks to our partnership with Origami, we were able to expand our investments in the solar industry, keep our Benton, Arkansas facility open, keep our current employees hard at work and expand to up to 70 additional jobs over the next three years. This partnership demonstrates American innovation at its finest.

Rocky Christenberry, Executive Vice President

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A Unimacts Manufacturing Plant in the US

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Unimacts-a Zetwerk Company is a leading global manufacturer and supply chain solutions company focusing on renewable energy. The company is one of the major steel manufacturers for the solar industry in the United States, supplying major tracker companies and EPCs with components such as torque tubes, rails, solar piles, solar modules, and drives. Unimacts will manufacture Origami Solar steel frames at its Houston plant, via dedicated manufacturing lines, expected to be production-ready by the end of 2024. With manufacturing capabilities in the US, Mexico, Europe, India, and Vietnam and efficient global supply chains, Unimacts can quickly expand both in the US and globally to support Origami Solar steel frame growth.

The American solar industry understands that a domestic supply chain for steel solar frames dramatically reduces risk to companies and to the industry writ large. The steel frames we send from Houston to any production facility in the lower 48 states will never get stuck in customs or be forced to wait in line at a port; they can go from our facility to a module manufacturer in just a day. ‘Always on’ module manufacturers will not have to pause operations for a lack of solar frames. What’s more, given steel solar frames’ extensive testing for both structural integrity and corrosion resistance, solar project developers need not worry about frames failing. We’re ready and eager to start producing these frames at scale and helping the solar industry reap the benefits.

Matthew Arnold, Founder

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Welser Profile roll-forming headquarters, Gesten, Austria

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Welser Profile

Welser Profile is one of the leading manufacturers of complex roll-formed steel profiles and tubes across a number of industries including solar. With factories in Austria, Germany and the United States, and 350 years of experience, Welser’s custom solutions replace many aluminum extrusion applications with high performance steel solutions that solve complex issues and embody their attention to eco-design and circular economy. Welser supplies Origami Solar with sample frames today from their Austria location and are building dedicated frame manufacturing lines at their Valley City, Ohio factory to supply US demand, starting in Q1 of 2025. Welser’s Ohio location is quickly becoming a leader in specialty roll-formed solutions for the US solar industry and is in an ideal location for supplying Origami Solar frames to module manufacturers, based in the in the United States.

Welser Profile has worked with high strength steel for 350 years, and the company has been in our family for 11 generations. We understand how to shape high-strength steel to create uniquely durable, functional, and reliable equipment, and our partnership included working with Origami’s engineers to optimize their compelling steel frame design for the “always on” module manufacturing model. It was no surprise to us that Origami’s frames performed exceptionally well in rigorous testing, and we are eager to bring that performance to bear for the American solar industry.

Thomas Welser, CEO