The Origami Team

We are a passionate group of solar veterans, technologists, and inventors who are always looking at existing products and processes as inspiration for those innovations that increase functionality, value and dramatically lower costs. You know those ideas that after the fact people say, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that” or “how did it take us so long to change that!”

Eric Hafter portrait

Eric Hafter

Eric Hafter is a pioneer in solar product design and commercialization, international solar project development, and has led large EPC and manufacturing companies.

Gregg Patterson portrait

Gregg Patterson

Gregg was an executive for Hewlett Packard running multiple global businesses prior to jumping into renewables in 2006, where he successfully led two start-ups in solar & energy storage to successful exits.
Jack Patton

Jack Patton
CTO / Co-founder

Jack has extensive expertise in solar product design, solar module manufacturing and high volume manufacturing with numerous PV solar patents (issued and pending).
Mike Gray portait

Michael Gray

Mike has 40 years of experience across the steel and renewable energy sectors, building global supply chains, commercializing and scaling innovation and delivering value to customers.
Erick Petersen

Erick Petersen
Chief Strategy Officer

Erick has lead customer facing teams and delivered exceptional customer experience in rapidly growing startups across emerging technologies and markets including solar and energy storage over the last three decades.
Lauren Busby Ahsler, VP of Engineering

Lauren Busby Ahsler
VP of Engineering

Lauren has developed numerous solar products and has over 15 years of experience leading high-performing mechanical and structural engineering teams.
Randy Fish portrait

Randall Fish
Director of Business Development

Randy has 10 years of experience leading innovative cleantech business development and policy initiatives across several startups, government, and non-profit organizations.
Kim Beswick portrait

Kim Beswick
Director of Marketing

Kim has a wide breadth of experience leading teams and functions across marketing, sales, and business development in a range of industrial-focused technology companies from start-up to Fortune 500.

Rusty Stapp

Tyler Hudson
Head Product Engineer

Tyler received his MS in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University and has a background designing prototype solutions in the automotive, cleantech, and renewable industries.