TECSI Solar Evaluates Origami Steel Module Frames

March 2022

Samuel Truthseeker, CEO and Principal Engineer of TECSI Solar discusses the Origami Solar steel module frame they have been testing.


[00:00:00] Samuel Truthseeker: TECSI Solar had been asked to evaluate the Origami Steel frame, and I have to say, I’m very impressed. The quality of the roll forming is superb, resulting in a frame wall that meets or exceeds my expectations from working with aluminum frame walls over the last 20 years. Our preliminary mechanical load testing has shown that the Origami 35 millimeter frame has equivalent performance characteristics to a standard 40 millimeter aluminum frame.

[00:00:24] This means that module manufacturers who adopt the Origami frame can provide a higher shipping density product without sacrificing strength or performance. Also, the assembly process for the Origami steel frame is the same as for aluminum frames, making the adoption a relatively simple and low impact manufacturing cutover.