Origami Solar’s
Test Program Document

Image of Origami Solar's Test Program Document cover
To support module manufacturer certification, Origami Solar’s Test Program is designed to perform specified tests according to approved and documented IEC and UL test methodologies at independent 3rd party test labs. The Origami Solar Test Program describes the test methodologies and procedures used by Origami Solar to validate mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, electrical continuity and overall reliability of our steel module frames.

Our primary focus is to conduct certification tests that could be impacted by the solar module frame and the associated test scenarios that best indicate module performance. Origami’s test scenarios represent the most common and/or the most demanding mounting configurations, and our goal is to demonstrate the highest level of industry performance with exceptional safety margin.

While it is ultimately up to module manufacturers to determine module specifications and actually certify their modules to industry standards, Origami supports this process by providing module manufacturers with sample frame sets and detailed, transparent testing plans and results.

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