Rigorous Testing,
Demonstrated Performance

Origami frames have comfortably passed industry standard tests through independent third-party labs

Origami’s patented steel frames have been comprehensively tested and confirmed to perform at the highest standards for load strength and corrosion protection and electrical conductivity.

Working with independent third-party test labs and using industry standard (IEC and UL) test protocols, we have successfully demonstrated the performance benefits of our roll-formed steel frames and advanced anti-corrosion coatings as the superior choice to aluminum. Origami’s frames met or exceeded all required certification targets related to frame/module performance, while also conforming to existing glass-glass and glass foil frame dimensions for manufacturing compatibility.

As utility-scale modules grow larger and glass and frame structures grow thinner, it is not a surprise that test labs and industry experts are reporting higher failure rates for modules. Origami is committed to increasing test cycles above industry required levels and we have added tests, like load-test-to-failure sequences that, while not required, further reveal the additional capabilities and safety margin delivered by our steel frames.

Origami’s Test Program creates a confident and rapid path for module manufacturers to pursue module-level certification using Origami’s steel frames. Samples of our production-ready frames are available to module makers upon request for evaluation and testing.

Image of test module with 400mm tracker mount in pneumatic test load machine at CFV Test Labs.

Test module with 400mm tracker mount in pneumatic test load machine at CFV Test Labs.

Origami Solar Test Program Document cover image

Origami Solar Test Program

To support module manufacturer certification, Origami Solar’s Test Program is designed to perform specified tests according to approved and documented IEC and UL test methodologies at independent 3rd party test labs. The Origami Solar Test Program describes the test methodologies and procedures used by Origami Solar to validate mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, electrical continuity and overall reliability of our steel module frames.

Our primary focus is to conduct certification tests that could be impacted by the solar module frame and the associated test scenarios that best indicate module performance. Origami’s test scenarios represent the most common and/or the most demanding mounting configurations, and our goal is to demonstrate the highest level of industry performance with exceptional safety margin.

While it is ultimately up to module manufacturers to determine module specifications and actually certify their modules to industry standards, Origami supports this process by providing module manufacturers with sample frame sets and detailed, transparent testing plans and results.

To learn more, please download Origami Solar’s Test Program Document.

Or contact us to schedule a virtual presentation of results.

Origami Solar steel module frame img

Validating Strength

Origami has tested both glass-glass and glass-foil laminate constructions at independent third-party test labs. Origami Solar tests modules mounted to the most common and the most difficult racking and tracker mounting configurations. Origami Solar has validated the mechanical performance of our steel frames, using the IEC 61215 methodology, frames comfortably met the standards demanded for IEC module certification. We have also exposed modules with Origami frames to more iterations of shorter mechanical load cycle tests and to extreme load levels meant to determine the ultimate failure points of steel frames.

Validating Anti-Corrosive Durability

Advanced zinc-aluminum-magnesium (Z-A-M) anti-corrosive steel coatings have been shown through industry tests and real world exposure to outlast traditional galvanized steel and survive 25+ years in the most common (C1-C3) corrosive environments. Z-A-M coatings are shown to be both scratch-resistant and self-healing, preserving frame and module integrity even after manufacturing, logistics and installation handling. Z-A-M coatings are widely used across a broad range of steel industries and available from major steel suppliers worldwide.

Origami Solar steel framed test modules have been verified by independent third-party test labs, under the IEC 61701, Method 6, Salt Spray methodology and passed, achieving the highest land-based corrosivity category, C5. The testing sequence also included testing for continuity bonding both pre-and-post salt mist sequence, which Origami’s steel solar frames completed with no issues.

Origami Solar module sample image

Origami Solar module sample (Post IEC 61701, Method 6 test) at RETC test laboratory.

Origami Solar steel module frame exterior angle

Additional Tests

Origami Solar steel frames have superior grounding characteristics in conjunction with steel trackers and racking and are known to exceed aluminum with regards to electrical grounding performance.

Origami Solar framed modules with Z-A-M coatings have been shown to retain electrical conductivity after oxidation following the IEC 61701, Method 6 Salt Spray Corrosion test sequence.

Based on internal lab tests and industry data, Origami Solar expects to test and pass the UL 2703 standard grounding and bonding test in the first half of 2024.

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