Webinar: A New Fold – Reshaping the Solar Module Industry

Jun 28, 2022

Solar panels are touted for their environmental benefits and energy efficiency, but energy savings is only part of being sustainable. Did you know that only about 10% of panels in the US are made from recycled materials? Solar panels are often made from aluminum frames manufactured and shipped from China, losing emissions throughout the mining, manufacturing and shipping process.
Fortunately, there is a pathway forward – recycled steel, sourced locally. Solar module frames which employ this type of production can reduce the carbon footprint of non-recycled frames by 71.2%. For solar to be considered a truly sustainable source of energy, module frame production must not be overlooked.

This webinar will discuss developments in the solar module frame industry, and how new technologies are dramatically transforming the market. Speakers include solar expert and University of California Berkeley Researcher A. Petek Gursel, Origami CEO Gregg Patterson, and Boundless Senior Research Analyst Andreas van Giezen.

Thursday, July 14, 2022
11:00am – 12:00pm PDT

A. Petek Gursel portrait

A. Petek Gursel
Research Associate
University of California, Berkeley

A. Petek Gursel portrait

Andreas van Geizen
Senior Research Analyst
Boundless Impact Research & Analytics

Gregg Paterson portrait

Gregg Patterson
Origami Solar, Inc.